warm water gift guide

Christmas is creeping closer and close, and if you’re like us you might not have sorted all your Christmas shopping yet….. So here is our second and final gift guide!

Our Below is featured from left,  Mother Ivey Surfers  by Nina Brooke,  Nacreous  by Mimi Robson and  Underneath VI  by Toby Butler. A curation that works great agains soft pastel backdrops.

Above: Jo Painter - Flying High

This selection of works are perfect for someone who favours the bold, bright colours, eye catching shapes and a more vibrant palette. There are various guides out there on how, when and where to buy art, but what it really boils down to is how much you love a piece. Are you going to keep thinking about that work? Then take the plunge!

Below we’ve picked out a couple of our favourite pieces which have certain energetic and uplifting feel to them.

Above left: Philly Lewis - Costa Rican Lines

Above right: Nina Brooke - Tropical Tans


If you’re buying for yourself or a partner then you’ll most likely know what you or they love. Bright colourful pieces really sing and bring life into a space, so think about where you’ve got space to hang the work and where you’ll see it most. Whilst you don’t want your home, office, tree house (yes we’ve recently installed work in a rather plush tree house!!) to look like a gallery, works can often look great curated together as a art wall.

In addition give some consideration to anchoring a work with a piece of furniture to integrate it into a space. This vivid selection of works and their location + positioning can really bring a great deal of balance to a room.

Above left: Ben Wigglesworth - Submerse V

Above right: Jack Davis - Embody


When buying for friend or significant other, you might be unsure as to where they’ll hang the work. So you might want to think about purchasing a print rather than an original. It’s also an extremely cost effective way of buying a larger work, and it allows the lucky recipient to have flexibility on the wide range of framing options too. The beauty of the wide ranging palettes in these warmer works is that certain colours can be picked out for bold frames!

In addition we always recommend delving a little deeper into who the artist is and how he/she goes about creating her works. This provides another layer to connect with a piece and really learn about the process. To learn more about any of our artists click here!

Above left: Jo Painter - Palm

Above right: Nina Brooke - Shoreline


As always please feel free to ask us literally anything about any of the works we showcase. Buying online doesn’t mean that you can have expert advice from us! We are always happy to provide an insight on our artists and artwork, and if you’re not satisfied after that we’re happy to organise private showings so you can view the works in the flesh.