Welcome to the first of our new monthly feature, The Hang.

This is a feature that will involve NCA and guest curated hangs of our favourite pieces every month. The summer in Cornwall has begun with a bang with May producing endless days of sunshine. This has lead to holiday goers and locals alike to seek shade. Therefore this month we've been inspired by the cooling sea tones and soft pastel hues that our eyes have beenalluringly drawn to. 

Our Below is featured from left,  Mother Ivey Surfers  by Nina Brooke,  Nacreous  by Mimi Robson and  Underneath VI  by Toby Butler. A curation that works great agains soft pastel backdrops.

Our Summer Hang. A curation that works great agains soft pastel backdrops. It draws on subtle grey and green shades which is paired with delicate whitewashed tones that evoke a sense cooling expanse.

The team here at North Coast Asylum have a wealth of experience in curating art works for spaces. We also offer a bespoke art consulting service for those looking to curate multiple works to shape a space. If you are interested please do contact us by clicking here.