Based at Trewarveneth Studios in Newlyn, Sarah Woods documents the landscape through painting and printmaking. Her work focuses on the re-working of materials and the repetitive notion of line and tone. 

Sarah’s process of developing drawings into prints is methodical and meditative. Sketchbooks are taken to the coastline where she explores the movement and energy in the landscape, capturing elements that can be seen and experienced before returning to the studio to refine her observations. Some drawings are immediate, translating tone directly into line, and others are considered and repetitive becoming the fine and detailed lines of etching prints.

Paintings have a contrasting aesthetic to the prints with simple brushstrokes and muted colours, highlighting the stillness and subtle details of the landscape. A hand-sewn line curves along the surface of canvas and influences the edge of the land or the border between sea and sky. This seam is the beginning of a painting - the piecing together and reusing of materials inspires what the image will become - and is often accompanied by a sewn line as the final detail of the piece.

A considered approach is echoed throughout the studio, finding a presence in the process of making and engaging with the works as if walking into water or to the edge of the cliffs, with a similar release and submission.

Check out Sarah's works for sale below. Her paintings are coming very soon!