Underneath (II) - Toby Butler

Underneath (II) - Toby Butler


40 x 60 cm - Limited print run of 6.

C-Type print on matt paper.

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All NCA photographic works are limited editions and exclusive to us.

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The reality is always there, and by taking a photograph we capture that. However, technically speaking we capture only that, expelling emotions that come with a place like the noise, the feel and the smell. We show what is in front of us, the things that everyone can see, the surface. Getting to see what’s underneath is next. Portraying hidden aspects or real emotions is what draws people in and offers them a deeper experience out of a single photo. Being able to hear the desperation of a scream or envisage a fresh breeze that carry’s the smell of the sea. It is similar to the story’s that hide in a person’s wrinkles but behind pixels instead. How to explore the hidden features of a landscape was something that began to interest me, areas that get lost in the grandeur of a place’s entirety. Taken from above I documented tiny chunks of a riverbed and exposed small aspects that caught my eye. I also took to classic landscapes of both New Zealand and America but honed in on areas that offered up more character. I find the results of each approach give slightly abstract takes on reality, although still completely real.