The Locals - Nick Pumphrey

The Locals - Nick Pumphrey


The Locals - Nick Pumphrey

40 x 60 cm - Limited print run of 6.

C-Type print on matt paper.

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...Iceland, the land of fire and ice, a land that has been in my minds eye for a fair a few trips around the sun. I was asked by my good friends Anne-Flore Marxer and Aline Bock to come and document part of their recent expedition. For these women it was a trip with a common goal, a venture to dig deeper into the rich history of gender equality in Iceland, to speak with influential women as well as exploring and riding the snowy peaks and wave rich seas. I had imagined every corner taken to be photography heaven, but I was not ready for the absolute dominance of mother nature, the pristine beauty of the North, a place where the harshest of elements do not allow humans to continue their destructive ways...