North Coast Asylum is here...

Welcome to a project that has been in our hearts for over 5 years but in our heads for less than 6 months. We are extremely excited to bring the freshest photographic and artistic talent the shores of the UK has to offer.

The origin of North Coast Asylum stems from a Photographer and Artist duo with an appreciation for beautiful visuals and a desire to be more in tune with the tides of the Atlantic Ocean. In terms of an introduction, North Coast Asylum is an online (for now at least...*) Art and Photography Santuary with roots found on the North Coast of Cornwall. NCA focuses on selling unique art, photography, and one off lifestyle pieces to art buyers at more affordable prices than those offered by traditional art auction houses and galleries. 


Our inaugural Artists feature;

NINA BROOKE - You'll find her in Rock. Her current Aerial Seascape works are stunning and highly sought after. The collection she's put together for NCA is bold - it made an instant impression on us.

EMILY TAPP - Inspiration could not be derived anymore closely from the Cornish Coast than through Emily's pieces. Using ground down powdered paint pigments from coastal rock, Emily creates the most mesmerising abstract forms.

JO PAINTER - Now based in Newquay. Charcoal connoisseur. Her large scale seascapes are, put simply, 'Epic'.

CHARLOTTE A FLEUR - Serial creative and the only city girl of the tribe. Charlotte's fluid lines and vibrant colours had us in love at first sight.

MIMI ROBSON - Lives the life we all long for. Located on a boat, and removed from the pressures of Wi-fi and phone signal, Mimi creates works that beautifully portray the motion of the ocean.

CLARA JONAS - Yet another Ocean lover and surfer. Clara illustrations have already risen to prominence in various high profile surf publications and brands.



Click here for all our Artists works.


NCA's Enrolled Photogs include;

JACK HOPKINS - Located in Hayle, Cornwall. Our first and youngest photographer. Jack is the epitome of emerging talent. 

NICK PUMPHREY - Another Cornish dweller, but could also be classed as a global explorer. For any fan of the ocean swell, his work is an absolute must.

TOBY BUTLER - Like most talented kiwi's we've claimed him as our own & Toby is officially a Devonian. His black & white works are boldly astonishing.

BEN WIGGLESWORTH - Drawn to the coast and the mountains and yes, you guessed it, another talent based in Cornwall. 

PHILLY LEWIS - One final Cornish Nomad, who also doubles as a Yoga blackbelt. Philly's long exposure work of ocean swell lines is wonderfully compelling.

Click here for all our Photography works.


That completes the line up...

These log book entries go live every Sunday and we'll keep you informed of every significant coastal migration.

Explore the site, think of it of a rather alluring rock pool, and remember all crabs, shells & pearls found in this rock pool are exclusive to this rock pool and can not be found anywhere else!


*Check 'The Asylum' section of our website to hear about our recent ventures in to the world of the physical...

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