Artist Mimi Robson graduated from Falmouth University in 2013 with a BA Hons in Fine Art. Since then, she has worked alongside renowned Printmaker John Howard. Specialising in both Etching and Mono Printing, She creates collections of work that balance masterful discipline and spontaneity. Her work, visually and through her practice, becomes a metaphor for the flux within the ocean and our own nature.

Mimi's collections explore the idea of Haptic Perceptions, moments that make it possible to comprehend vast spaces; a murmur of wind, a flash of lightning, a breaking wave. It ushers itself fleetingly into being, but has no duration, merely balancing on the border of existence. For these moments, we are rendered speechless. The wave building through the great expanse of the ocean, and in the moment of its breaking, disappears to leave an energetically charged stillness. This sliver of time, the fissure, an immensity beyond ourselves, is opened up to us.

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