Jo Painter is a Cornish based Artist who works primarily with charcoal and chalks.

Her work is mostly representational landscape and portraiture art, working from life, she uses her hands and fingers to apply the chalks and charcoal to the paper, which adds a unique and emotional quality to the works. The works could be mistaken to fit into the genre of realism, however Jo creates her works from a multitude of scribbly lines, so the closer to the artwork you move, the more abstract it becomes. Her work is inspired by the fluidity of life and water which is emulated in the rippling, weaving and ever changeable lines that make up her work.

Jo's work is in private collections internationally, she has sold work at Christie's Auction House and was recently sponsored by Volcom to produce a body of work to display in their Art Gallery in Austin, Texas. 

Check out Jo's works for sale here.