Emily's  work is an exploration of dualities within the natural landscape; the ephemeral yet perpetual spirit of a place. She is looking at the spaces between things, such as the intangible horizon line, using abstract forms to translate the sense of perspective felt when we occupy vast and immeasurable landscapes such as the Cornish coast.

The work is reliant on a field-work practice, a hands-on approach to making. She works in alliance with nature to fully embrace her subject of landscape, generating conceptual suggestions beyond the surface of the works which are indeterminate of their geographic location but nonetheless an insistent sort of fact. 

The frottage tracings are a direct impression, abstracting landscape in its imagery, recording time in place. She grinds and sieves rocks down into powdered pigments for paint and make dyes from foraged plants. These materials define the areas she is working with and tell a deep, beautiful, conceptual story about the coastline she is working on. The landscape literally - and physically - becomes the work.

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