cold water gift guide

We are here, officially in the festive month. The weather is growing colder by the day and we’ve spied Christmas trees up and decorated already. In light of this we thought we’d put together a few gift guides for the art lovers in your life.

Our Below is featured from left,  Mother Ivey Surfers  by Nina Brooke,  Nacreous  by Mimi Robson and  Underneath VI  by Toby Butler. A curation that works great agains soft pastel backdrops.

 These works are perfect for someone who prefers the cooler colours, subtle tone changes and a more muted palette. Or alternatively buy for yourself! As we’ve always said, there are various guides out there on how to buy art, but what it really boils down to is how much you love a piece. Are you going to keep thinking about that work? Then buy it!

Above left: Dave Muir - Air

Above right: Nina Brooke - Mother Iveys Surfers

It’s always worth considering the space you have and what you want from your art. For us we love the concept of creating a window. A tactically positioned art work or fine art photography can transport you to a coastal wonderland or alternatively make you feel even warmer as you imagine see a vision of the deep Atlantic seas.

Art in smaller spaces, a collection of works framed in a loose grid always looks great. This also helps to embellish the space that you do have the appearance of the wall size. 

For larger spaces on a budget the use for larger works in smaller frames is a fantastic concept.

Alternatively, the use of one large statement piece in a room does wonders for dividing up a space to individually split a room up into independent spaces for different uses. Both larger works in small frames and statement pieces really do shine when bold and powerful aesthetic is allowed to take centre stage.

Above left: Jo Painter - Vapour

Above right: Nick Pumphrey - Reflective Moments

As always please feel free to ask us literally anything about any of the works we showcase. Buying online doesn’t mean that you can have expert advice from us! We are always happy to provide an insight on our artists and artwork, and if you’re not satisfied after that we’re happy to organise private showings so you can view the works in the flesh.

Above left: Ben Wigglesworth - Summit

Above right: Mimi Robson - There is Only Dancing and Flowing